nozawasnow Frequently asked questions

How do we get to Nozawa Onsen and nozawasnow?

Please click here for directions, maps and timetable to Nozawa Onsen.


What time is check-in / check-out?

Check-in: 3:00pm

Check-out: 10:00am


Is there free wifi?

Yes, complimentary wifi is accessible in every room.


Where is nozawasnow guest house located in relation to the village centre and ski resort?

Please click here for nozawasnow location, address and map.

nozawasnow is conveniently located less than five minutes walk from the Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort chairlifts (Karasawa chairlift). The village centre is an 8 minute walk along a flat, heated street. There is a fantastic restaurant open for dinner located directly next door. There is also a cafe and swiss bakery both within 2 minutes walk of nozawasnow, along with many other restaurants within 2-10 minutes walk. The ski rental shop is located directly next door to nozawasnow. One of the largest and most beautiful hot springs in Nozawa Onsen is located 2 minutes walk from nozawasnow. The largest supermarket is located 10 minutes walk from nozawasnow.

The bus to and from Iiyama bullet train station (access to/from Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto) is a 7 minute walk from our property. The free ski shuttle bus which runs to the Nagasaka gondola also departs from just around the corner from nozawasnow. The Chuo (central) bus station is located 10 minutes walk from nozawasnow for access to the Nagano Snow Shuttle (the bus to/from Narita and Haneda Airport and between ski resorts).


Is breakfast included?

nozawasnow does not offer breakfast, however there is guest kitchen available where guests can prepare meals. There is also a cafe and bakery both within 2 minutes walk of nozawasnow. The cafe opens at 7.30am.


Is there a guest kitchen?

Yes. The large, fully equiped kitchen and dining area is for guests to prepare meals and relax at any time.


Where should I book ski or snowboard lessons?

If you would like to book private ski or snowboard lessons, please contact us for more information.


Do you provide a pick up service?

We do not provide a pickup service from bus or train stations as we are within seven minutes walk from the Nakao bus stop (if coming from Iiyama bullet train station) and a 10 minute walk from the Chuo bus stop (if coming on the Nagano snow shuttle bus from Tokyo or other ski resorts and arriving in the day time).


Do you have western beds available? Are futon beds comfortable?

nozawasnow is a Japanese style accommodation which has futon beds. nozawasnow does not have western style beds.

The comfort level of a futon would be considered similar to a firm western style mattress. Futons can be folded away and put in the closet to create more space in the room. Kids love them and they are very safe. If you have difficulty getting up and down from the floor, futons may not be for you.


How many toilets and showers are there in nozawasnow?

Toilets: 5 (western style)

Showers: 3 (western style)

Many guests prefer to bath at the fantastic public hot spring (Onsen), located two minutes walk from nozawasnow. This bath house is traditional wooden style, hot and relaxing. Take our complimentary onsen kit including soap and shampoo to wash before relaxing in the tub. All 13 public onsens open from 6am - midnight and are free of charge.


I there a guest common room?

nozawasnow has a seating area at the front desk.


Can we send our luggage to and from nozawasnow?

Yes you can. Please feel free to send your luggage to or from nozawasnow. There is complimentary storage until you arrive. Staff will assist you to send your luggage to your next destination. Please note if sending luggage to an airport, it must be ready to send by 12pm, at least 2 days prior to your flight. Approximate price for a suitcase or ski bag: 2,500 - 3,000 yen (cash only). 


Do you have a laundry on-site?

A coin laundry is located within 6 minutes walk from nozawasnow, however there is no laundry on-site. 


Where should we rent our ski / snowboard gear?

nozawasnow recommend Olive rental located directly next door. They offer a 10% discount for nozawasnow guests. Opening hours: 8am - 4.30pm. Prices start from 3,150 - 3,870 per day (with the discount). Prices become cheaper the longer you rent. 


How do we get our lift tickets? should we book them in advance?

Lift tickets are available from the ticket office on the day your plan to ski. There are 1, 2 or maximum 3 day consecutive tickets available (3 day ticket is the best value). The ticket office is within five minutes walk from nozawasnow, next to the Karasawa ski lift, or at the Nagasaka or Hikage gondola. For adults, lift ticket prices start from 4,300 per day. For children under 15 years old, lift ticket pricing starts at 2,000 yen per day. 


How do we get to the Nozawa Onsen ski school?

If you have booked with the Nozawa Onsen Ski School, please follow these steps bellow to the ski school office at the Hikage gondola.

First time skiers:

1. Walk three minutes downhill to the Nakao bus stop.

2. Take the free Shuttle bus to the Nagasaka Gondola (five minute ride) then walk down past the gondola station.

3. Take the free snowmobile shuttle (seating for 6-7 people) to the ski school at the Hikage gondola (3 minute ride). The Ski School office is located in the large concrete building opposite the kids park.

Journey time: 20 minutes

Novice - Advance skiers:

1. Walk 5 minutes to the ski resort.

2. Take the Nagasaka link chairlift.

3. Ski down past the Nagasaka gondola and take the Nagasaka triple chairlift.

4. Ski down to the ski school office which is located in the large concrete building opposite the kids park.

Journey time: 20 minutes

If you organise a private instructor at Mountain Pros you will have more flexibility than the Nozawa Onsen Ski School and can arrange to meet your private instructor at a convenient location such as the Karasawa green slope (5 minutes walk from nozawasnow, perfect for people who have skied at least once before) or Nagasaka gondola (the main gondola, perfect for those who have some experience skiing and prefer to ski on longer slopes).


When does the Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort open? Is there Night skiing?

The ski resort opens in December. The majority of ski lifts are usually operating by mid December. As with all ski resorts in the world, the opening date is snow dependant. Luckily, Nozawa Onsen is located in one of the snowiest regions in the world. Ski resort hours: 8.30am - 4.30pm. Night ski is available on Saturdays only. There is one slope available. The chairlift runs until 8pm.


Can you provide some information about the ski resort?

There are 36 ski slopes and courses plus the snow park.

Gondola lifts (2), regular ski lifts (18), moving walkway (1).

Longest ski run: 10,000m

Vertical Drop: 1,085m (Summit: 1,650m / bottom: 565m)

Advanced terrain: 30% / Intermediate terrain: 30% / Beginner terrain: 40% / Max gradient: 39°.

The Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort is one of the most popular ski resorts in Japan for international travellers due to its diversity of terrain, abundance of snow, its family friendliness, and because English speaking guests are well catered for.

For more information on the ski resort, please click here.


What are the ski resort facilities for children?

Day care for children 1-6 years old is available at the Yumin Day Nursery at the Hikage Information Centre on the second floor. The staff speak English. The operating hours are 9am-12pm and 1-4pm so you will need to pick up the children at lunch time. There are many food options around the Hikage Information Center. The nursery only accommodates 20 children. We recommend that you make a reservation. Full Day: ¥4,000, Half Day: ¥2,500

Morning and afternoon refreshments are provided.

Nozawa Kids Park, is located at the same area. Entry to the Kids Park is free of charge. Please let us know if you require evening child minding.


When is the best time to visit Nozawa Onsen?

December – A fantastic time to experience Christmas and New Year. In general it is not busy in Nozawa Onsen up until the Japanese New Year holiday. Perfect for families and couples.

January – Famous for its big snowfall and great village vibe with a mix of Japanese and foreign visitors. January is the busiest month, but with a family atmosphere. Perfect for everyone.

February – Also famous for big snowfall. Less families with the school holidays over, more powder snow enthusiasts arrive with the snow base set for the season. Blue sky days are not uncommon. Perfect for everyone.

March – Our personal favourite month, especially the second half of March. The slopes are uncrowded on weekdays and Nozawa Onsen seems to always receive some serious snowfall at this time. Also the best month for families and beginners who will enjoy the wide open spaces on the mountain.


Is there a supermarket or convenience store in Nozawa Onsen?

Nozawa Onsen has 2 mini supermarkets, a butcher, convenience store and liquor stores. You can find all you need to prepare western meals including breakfast and dinner.

Rainbow mini supermarket the biggest in Nozawa and is located at the Nakao bus stop, which is the closest bus stop to nozawasnow. A great chance to purchase some food for your arrival. The second mini supermarket is located on the main street opposite St. Anton cafe. It has an octopus illustration on the window. This store is great to visit on the way back home from a restaurant or cafe in the evening.


What is the best way to get around Nozawa Onsen village?

Nozawa Onsen is a compact village with small, winding, heated streets. The fastest way to get around the village is by walking. The furthest you will have to walk is 15 minutes from nozawasnow to the far side of the village.

There is a complimentary ski shuttle bus that runs throughout the day time from the village centre to the Nagasaka gondola at the ski resort. This bus passes close to nozawasnow. This service can be busy at peak times, it is much faster and convenient to walk to the ski resort from nozawasnow.


What is an onsen?

An onsen (hot water spring) is a bath house with natural, geothermal heated spring water. The village is famous for the abundance of hot springs that were discovered in the 8th century. In some areas, steam rises up amongst the bustling narrow cobblestone streets and the traditional ryokan inns and shops.

In Nozawa Onsen, visitors are lucky enough to have free access to 13 public onsens (a small donation box is located outside each onsen). You can bath and soak in the hot water to escape the cold and relax the muscles after a long day skiing.

Nozawa Onsens bath houses are well maintained, always kept clean, and provide a comfortable setting for villagers' everyday use, as well as for visiting guests.

With the complimentary bathing set which we provide (body soap, shampoo, face towel) wash your hair and body thoroughly, then rinse off before entering the bath. When you arrive to nozawasnow we will give you further information on bathing etiquette to ensure you enjoy these fantastic baths.


Do we need to book train or bus tickets in advance?

Train: You can now book your bullet train tickets between Tokyo and Iiyama station online here. This is a new option in 2019. At the time of writing you can book the train up to one month in advance.

1. Select the train 'Hokuriku Shinkansen (Tokyo ~ Kanazawa)'
2. Departure station: Tokyo (or Ueno if you prefer to depart from this station in Tokyo)
3. Arrival station: Iiyama
4. Click search and follow the booking procedure.

Usually you do not need to book in advance, however if you are in a big group, or traveling during peak times such as New Year holiday, we recommend booking your train tickets in advance to guarantee a seat. Tickets are only available online or at JR train stations and cannot be purchased in Nozawa Onsen.

The Nozawa Onsen Liner bus between Iiyama station and Nozawa Onsen cannot be booked in advance. They run up to 4 buses at each departure time and tickets are available from a machine (cash only) just outside Iiyama station on the way down to the bus. There are also taxi's available.

The Nagano Snow Shuttle which runs direct from Tokyo Airports to Nozawa Onsen should be booked well in advance to avoid any disappointment.


Do we need to make restaurant reservations in Nozawa Onsen?

There are many fantastic restaurants in Nozawa Onsen. We recommend making reservations in advance if you would like to go to a specific restaurant, especially if you are in a big group. You can pop into any restaurant and make a reservation yourself for another night or call from our front desk. If you require assistance we are happy to help. Please see the restaurant and village guide available here.


Which restaurants in Nozawa Onsen do you recommend?

There are many fantastic restaurants in Nozawa Onsen. From Raw Horse to Hamburgers, there is something for everyone. Please take a look at the Nozawa Onsen village guide for some great options.


Are there vegetarian or vegan restaurants in Nozawa Onsen?

Yes there are restaurants which have options 'niku nashi' (without meat).

Neo Bar, Organic Mom's kitchen (Shin-ko-qu), Sakai, Genki burger, Juntos and more.


Can I pay with credit card in Nozawa Onsen?

There are places which do accept credit cards but please be prepared and always have cash with you as many restaurants are cash only. The bus from Iiyama to Nozawa Onsen is cash only (Withdraw cash if coming directly from the airport).


Is there an ATM or currency exchange in Nozawa Onsen?

Yes, there are two ATM's which accept foreign cards. The closest is at the post office and is open 9am-6pm. The other ATM is located next door to the tourist information centre at Kura cafe and is open until 8pm.

Currency exhange is located at the ticket counter at Nagasaka Gondola Station or at the Nozawa Onsen Tourist information Center. Please bring your passport. Exchange is done only from foreign currencies to Japanese yen. One transaction for one person must remain under 100,000 yen.


How do we get to the snow monkeys?

The snow monkey park is 1 hour from Nozawa Onsen by bus. We can assist you to book a direct bus from Nozawa Onsen to the snow monkey park. The price is ¥5,800 yen (adults), ¥3,800 (children 12 and under). This bus also stops by Shibu Onsen, a beautiful village. This is a 'tour' but essentially it's just a mini bus or large bus depending on the amount of people, with a guide who will tell you when to be back on the bus. The guide will be there to answer any questions if you have any but it is not a strict tour. The Monkey park entrance is approximately 2km walk through the forest from the bus drop off point.

The bus departs every day at 1pm from the Nozawa Onsen Chuo bus terminal (village center) and is due back at Nozawa Onsen Chuo bus terminal by 5pm (snow/road condition dependant).


What day trips do you recommend?

Ski resorts:

Madarao: The easiest day-trip option from Nozawa Onsen with buses departing daily at 8.25am from Nozawa Onsen Daiichi terminal (the carpark next to the Nagasaka gondola). buses return from Madarao to Nozawa Onsen at 5:10pm. Price: 1,200 yen each way. Bus information and schedule is subject to change.

Togari: The closest ski field to Nozawa Onsen. Togari does not have a daily bus option at the time of writing. Although quite small, Togari has night ski many nights and a very nice, local atmosphere. You can take a taxi to Togari or alternatively contact us for other transport options.

Other destinations

Snow Monkeys – Contact us for details.

Nagano – The closest big city. Great restaurants, shops, bars, temples.

Matsumoto - Very nice city which is easy to walk around. Famous for the amazing castle.

Kanazawa - Another beautiful city now easily accessible with new bullet train.

Obuse - A quaint town with great food and souvenirs and the famous Hokusai museum with his 36 different views painted of Mt Fuji.

Karuizawa - Large shopping plaza located 1hr on bullet train from Iiyama station towards Tokyo.

Tokyo - 20 minute bus from Nozawa to Iiyama, then connect to a 1hr 40 minute bullet train to Tokyo.

Can you recommend other accommodation options nearby?

If we are fully booked, our friends at Nozawa Peaks next door may have rooms available.  

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